Pasadena Area Aggie Moms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What students do you serve?
    We help all Texas A&M students that live in the Pasadena, Deer Park and La Porte school districts. This includes students that went to public and private schools or were home schooled. If you student did not attend any of these schools but you moved to this area – we are your home club as well!
  • There seem to be a lot of A&M Campuses – which ones do you support?
    We support the students at Texas A&M University. This University is made up of four campuses – College Station, Galveston, McAllen and Qatar.
  • What are goodie bags and where can I buy one?
    Goodie Boxes are bags, buckets or other containers filled with snacks and other “goodies” to comfort students through the grueling days and nights used for preparation of taking final exams. They are distributed each semester prior to taking final exams. Goodie Box distribution date, time, and location are assigned by TAMU to Aggie Moms club. Once you complete your membership, you can find the forms in the Members area of the page.
  • How does my student apply for a scholarship from the Pasadena Area Aggie Moms?
    Pasadena Area Aggie Moms Club strives to donate money each year to fund scholarships for Aggies at both College Station and Galveston. Please apply for the TAMU Mass Scholarship application to be eligible for our area scholarships. Our area scholarships are for students whose home addresses are in Pasadena, Deer Park, and La Porte ISDs’ area.
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